Haughey expresses serious concern over British Brexit Committee

-Secretary of State for Northern Ireland will not make up one of the 12 permanent members of the committee 


Fianna Fáil TD and Spokesperson for European Affairs and EU Single Market, Sean Haughey has said that the decision to not allocate a permanent slot to the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland on the Brexit Cabinet Committee is a deeply worrying development.


Deputy Haughey said, “Brexit continues to be one of the biggest political and economic threats to Ireland, and the Border region will be disproportionately impacted. The very real fears and concerns over the North-South border that have been prominent since Britain voted to leave the European Union in June, have yet to be adequately heard.


“The fact that Prime Minister Teresa May has failed to appoint Secretary of State Mr. James Brokenshire to the 12 person Brexit Cabinet Committee is very worrying and raises serious questions about the Tory government’s grasp of the seriousness of the impact of Brexit on a major stakeholder such as Northern Ireland. It is clear that Northern Ireland is not a priority for Theresa May.”

“The mushroom industry has already experienced job losses; farmers and those in the agri-food sector are heavily reliant on UK exports, with almost half of all goods leaving the country being UK bound. “


“So many important issues remain up in the air  - no decision on border controls has been taken and the increasing uncertainty is creating a genuine atmosphere of fear in Border counties. Unless these issues are addressed, they will have a devastating effect on Border businesses.”

“The idea that the British Minister with responsibility for Northern Ireland would not hold a permanent seat on the Cabinet Committee examining these issues is baffling.  I will be raising these concerns with the Oireachtas Committee for EU affairs.”